Adult teeth straightening

Orthodontics is a specialist form of dentistry which aims to straighten teeth to produce a healthier bite and more importantly a perfect smile. In the past, most patients were children, but now we have more adults wearing braces.

The most common problem is crowding, which was traditionally treated by extracting healthy teeth.

However, there is an alternative: non-extraction orthodontics.

It is David’s belief that the crowding of teeth is not just genetic. Lifestyle factors such as our a modern diet, prolonged use of dummies or feeding bottles in children, and possibly asthma can cause jaws to under develop.

By gently expanding jaws to make the teeth fit as nature intended avoids unnecessary extractions of healthy teeth. The best time to carry out orthodontics is as soon as adult teeth appear. If the treatment is started at this time then the adult teeth will normally erupt into good positions as nature is given a chance to catch up.

In teenagers and adults, fixed braces are normally used as they allow precise control of tooth position. David uses the latest low friction brackets and nickel titanium wires which change shape when they reach body temperature- reducing treatment times for the patient compared to traditional orthodontics.

Six Month Smiles®

David is the most experienced Six Month Smiles® dentist in the North East. He regularly receives referrals from other dentists throughout the area. By using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, this system can straighten your teeth in an average of (as it says on the tin) SIX MONTHS. This is often much quicker than other systems and far less expensive.


This is very important on completion of your treatment. David is seeing lots of new cases where patients have had braces when they were younger and the results have slipped. These cases are ideal for Six Month Smiles®. There are 3 ways to ensure the results do not slip: a wire permanently bonded behind the teeth which cannot be seen; a thin gum shield type retainer; and a removable brace type retainer to be worn at night.